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Scribbling and drawing are early forms of writing and are meaningful to your child. When children are given a chance to draw pictures and tell stories, they’re also learning reading skills. They begin to understand that marks on the page can carry meaning. Some of the first stages of writings involving drawing pictures and telling stories about what the pictures represent.

Scribbling and drawing also help your child develop the fine motor skills they’ll need later to control a pencil to form letters. Allowing children to practice making lines, curves, and circles inspires them to write letters when they’re ready.

Here are some tips for writing with your child:

  • Practice fingerplays like the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to strengthen hands and fingers.
  • Draw using lines, squiggles, and shapes. These squiggles will later turn into letters.
  • Have your child write a pretend shopping list of favorite healthy foods.
  • Make letters out of play dough. Squish them up afterwards to help build hand muscles.
  • Draw a picture together and have your child "autograph" the work.
  • Display your child's artwork to build confidence.

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