Use of Library Equipment

Central Library meeting room showing projector

Digital Projection System $20 each per meeting room
Microphones: wireless handheld or wireless lapel $10 each per meeting
Stage (8’ x 8’ or 8’ x 16’) $150 per meeting

  • A laptop plug-in is provided for the computer projector, but computers are not provided by the library.
  • Wireless Internet is available throughout the library free of charge.
  • Groups can bring in equipment if the library options do not meet their needs.

The library will set up the AV control system for the event and provide information to operate its components from the podium control panel (microphones, projection system). It is the client’s responsibility to become familiar with the control panel in order to operate the equipment needed. The library will not operate the equipment during the event.

It is the client's responsibility to verify that the AV equipment meets his or her needs. The library is not responsible for the sound and video quality of AV presentations or compatibility with the client's equipment or media. If you need to verify the AV equipment in advance, please call 515 283-4152, ext. 4, to schedule a time.

Please specify on your application if you would like window darkening shades to be drawn for your event. Library staff will not manipulate lighting or window shades during an event; events must settle on a single lighting setting for the entirety of an event.