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The Queens of Comedy: Lucy & Julia

For decades, Lucille Ball has held the title "The Queen of Comedy." She certainly earned it. Originally a mid-level movie star, Ball immediately became a fixture in the new medium of television. She starred in several immensely popular sitcoms (including the top-rated I Love Lucy) in a nearly uninterrupted run of twenty-three years. In the present day, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has also accumulated stellar credentials. Like Ball, she has starred in several popular sitcoms (including the top-rated Seinfeld) and her television career now spans a period of over thirty years. Ball's impressive and long-standing Emmy award records have now been surpassed by Louis-Dreyfus. Hmm, maybe it's time to crown a new queen.

In the Stacks

In the Stacks -- formerly known as Blurbs from the Backlist -- is a great way to find good books that you might not know about or haven't had a chance to read yet. These are books that are currently available in the Des Moines Public Library, meaning you could take one home today!