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In the Stacks

In the Stacks -- formerly known as Blurbs from the Backlist -- is a great way to find good books that you might not know about or haven't had a chance to read yet. These are books that are currently available in the Des Moines Public Library, meaning you could take one home today!

Bubblegum Pop: That Sweet, Sweet Music

Bubblegum pop is a term often applied to a certain style of music with simple melodies and lyrics, but with ultra-catchy hooks. These days, when you hear the term used, it's usually in a disparaging manner. The origins of bubblegum pop were in the offices of record companies, not some kid's garage. It was a calculated attempt to create music that would appeal to a broad audience demographic, while maximizing profits for the producers. The original bubblegum era was from 1967-74 and the surprising thing is how often the producers actually succeeded in their attempts to create ear candy.