Time Travel: Dangerous for Movie Characters, but Fun for Us!

The DVD cover for the film Groundhog Day.

Time travel, as a narrative device in fiction, opens up so many incredible storytelling possibilities. Granted, I barely believe in it as an actual real world possibility, but it sure is fun to ruminate on periodically. In fact, some of my favorite movies of all time include time travel as an element.

College Rock… and the Context of 1980s College Radio That Created It

Cover of the B-52's self-titled debut album.

What do you call music that has been lumped together, but isn’t unified by similar rhythms, instrumentation, subject matter, or geographic origin? Back in the eighties to early-nineties, we called it college rock. It had no major defining characteristic, other than the obvious: if a song or artist was played almost exclusively on college stations, then it was college rock. For a while, that bond was more than enough!

“Listen, and Understand. That Terminator Is Out There... And It Absolutely Will Not Stop, Ever, until You Are Dead!"

Cover art for the DVD of The Terminator.

In 1984, one of the last things that I thought would ever happen was for former body-builder Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in great movie. So convinced was I that it would never happen, that when it actually did, I almost didn't bother seeing it. The movie, of course, was The Terminator, which was also the first of many successes for filmmaker James Cameron.

Going It Alone: One-Man Bands of Various Stripes

Cover art for the Paul McCartney album McCartney II.

Several things might come to mind when hearing the term "one-man band." It could be a raucous circus act, a performer who uses looping technology to build complex, but cohesive songs on stage, or a musician who sings all the vocal parts and plays all the instruments on a recording. In recent decades, an added wrinkle has occurred as some of these multi-talented musicians have even donned band names to obscure their solo identities!

Winter Reading: Week 4 Winner

Cover image of "The Boys on the Boat" by Daniel James Brown

I can't believe the Winter Reading Program is already over! Of course, the good news that comes with the end of the program is that it's also the end of February. Spring is just within our reach and we'll be celebrating warm temperatures in no time (hopefully). Thanks to everyone who particpated in this year's program! I enjoyed getting each of the reviews and sharing them with the DMPL community. What a great way to beat the cold and snow, and find new book recommendations. I'll be posting all of the reviews we received so that everyone can enjoy all the great suggestions.