Enjoy Art on Our Metro Mural Tour

Metro Mural Tour

Take a tour across the city this month and view some beautiful public art. As part of April being Art Month, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite murals across the city for you to view as part of a self-guided tour.

The sixteen murals being featured were chosen by librarians at each branch. They made sure to include murals that had specific meaning. For example, the mural at Creative Visions, created by Asphate, pays tribute to the lives lost in Des Moines to gun violence while showing hope for a future of promise and excellence. Another mural, located by the Boys and Girls Club on Forest Avenue, was created by Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya. She drew inspiration from the children at the Boys and Girls Club after conversations about what they care most about and what makes them feel like they belong.

Asphate Mural

Untitled, by Asphate and LETER91 at Creative Visions

The self-guided tour offers more in-depth insight on each of the sixteen murals. You start online at our Beanstack page. You’ll need to create a Beanstack account if you haven’t already, but that’s very easy to do. Then join the “Self Guided Metro Mural Tour” to get started. You’ll see a thumbnail sketch and address for each of the sixteen murals. When you click on one of the murals, you’ll see a list of questions, articles, and videos about the video and artist. We encourage you to share your thoughts on each mural when you visit it in person, as well as read the stories and watch the videos. When you complete one of those activities, you’ll earn a badge.

Activity Badges

Activity badges on the Self-Guided Mural Tour page.

Other April Art Events

This coming Saturday, April 10, at 2:300 PM, three mural artists will be talking about making public art in Des Moines during a virtual Q&A hosted by the library. Hear from Asphate, Didi Contreras, and Robert Moore about their respective murals. They’ll talk about making public art in Des Moines and how they developed and excited the ideas for their art. You must register to take part in the Zoom program – do so at our events page.

We also have a great painting program next Monday, April 12, to help celebrate Art Month! Take what you’ve learned from the murals and apply to a virtual watercolor class during Paint Yourself Calm. Lisa Christensen will lean the workshop as you paint a relaxing landscape scene. Space is limited for that class – learn more and register at the events page.

Finally, don’t forget about all our great art classes on Creativebug! Whatever your art niche and skill level, Creativebug has tons of great classes and tutorials. Check out our Creativebug page to get started!

List of Murals on the Self-Guided Mural Tour
  • Pearl Clutcher by Jordan Weber
  • Expansion by Jun Kaneko
  • Mother of Creativity by Nate Dee
  • Untitled by Didi Contreras
  • Electric Heart by Ruben Aguirre
  • Untitled by Asphate and Leter91 (at Creative Visions)
  • Untitled by Reuben Cheatem
  • A Place to Grow by Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya
  • We Will Find by Eight Seven Central
  • Enchanted Mystical Boutique by Amy Putney-Koenig and Molly Free
  • Timeless Beaverdale by Ben Schuh
  • Wrapped Up by Cera
  • Untitled by Chis Vance and Oak Park Elementary Students
  • UpLiFt Black Girls by Robert Moore and Dana Harrison
  • Brick by Brick by Van Holmgren
  • Untitled by Nicole Salgar & Chuck Berrett


Mural Location Map

Map of mural locations

Published on April 05, 2021
Last Modified April 10, 2021