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Call During Business Hours: (515) 283.4152


Des Moines Public Library
1000 Grand Ave
Des Moines, IA 50309

Call After Hours: (515) 283.4000*

*Call the Library's automated telephone service at any time of the day or night. Use this service to find out what books are checked out to you or being held for you, to cancel holds, to renew library materials, and to find out any fines you may owe.

Contact the Library Administration

Greg Heid | Director 
515.283.4152, x4

Linda Roe | Deputy Director

Sue Woody | Manager, Community Engagement

Dawn E. Work-MaKinne | Manager, Virtual Library

For technical assistance and website questions, email our Webmaster

Jen Tormey | Manager, Technical Services

Sarah Scholten | Manager, Central Library
Contact for Administrative questions only

Ashley Molzen | Supervisor, East Side Library
515.248.6255 East Side Library

Nikki Hayter | Supervisor, Forest Avenue Library
515.248.6265 Forest Avenue Library

Carolyn Greufe | Manager, Franklin Library

Jon Hobbs | Supervisor, North Side Library
515.248.6285 North Side Library

Brenda Hall | Supervisor, South Side Library
515.248.6279 South Side Library