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Judith Johnson

Patricia and James Kratz

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Janice Reinicke

Emily Roeder

Julia Slaymaker

William Slaymaker


Lois and Robert Beh

Joanne Locke

Friends of the North Side Library

Anna and Rob Hueston

Sara Sedgwick

Donald C. Wade

In memory of my parents

Sharon Brown

Deb Gordon

Grace Ambrose

Karen and James Chadwick

Jacquie Easley

James C. Walters

Elise Fiscus

Cheryl Johnson

Sandra and Timothy Stacy

Merlynd Metcalf

GreenState Credit Union

Mary and Jeff Sparling

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Wellmark Foundation

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Linda Birocci

Kathryn and Anthony Colosimo

Don Corrigan

Jane and Robert Downer

Jim Fischer

Marguerite Fitch and Benjamin Allen

John Gersib

Fay Gish Hill and John Hill

Susan and David Grant

Bonnie Green

Kimberly and Jay Helton

Carol and Norman Hulscher

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Loren Kane

Frederic LaCroix

June Lavigne

Thomas Longden

Margaret Maloney

Lavonne Mann

Francis Mariner

Gail McKean

Mark Morrison

Kathleen Murrin

James Peterson

Mary Jo and Robert Pomerantz

Roselind and Sheldon Rabinowitz

Nancy Rambo and Donald Bustell

Donna and Hal Rusk

Barbara and Mark Schmidt

Martha and John Squire

Benjamin Van Vleet

Lisa Richards-Veldkamp and Marlin Veldkamp

Eleanor and Robert Zeff

Frederick Adams

Robin Ahnen-Cacciatore and John Cacciatore

Betty Augspurger

Lee Ann Bakros

Christine Bening

Sandra and Ray Benter

Barbara and Bruce Bergman

Cheryl Bergren

Jane Brimmer

Fredda Caplan

Karen and William Claypool

Christine & Brendan Comito Fund

Sandra and Ray Crabtree

MJ Dolan

Sheila and Tim Drevyanko

Jeannine and Gordon Dunn

Janet Figg

Jeanine Freeman

Susan and Ricci Frambach

Carolyn Greufe

Barbara Hein

Margie and John Heles

Jennifer and John Hilmes

Christine and Terry Hines

Robert Jewett

Barbara John

Mary Ann Juhl

Susan Kobliska Murdock and Calvin Murdock

Geo. A. (Mike) Lamair

Michael Lipsman

Sandee and David Lyons

Jobeth Malone-Schoneberg

Karen Massetti Miller and William Brauch

Lauren and Cory McAnelly

Melissa McCoy

Julie and Paul McGarvey

Robert McLearen Jr.

Polly Moore

Barbara and Andrew Nish

Joanne and William Page

Patsy and Dr. Leon Pearce

Christine Riccelli

Lois Roets

M.J. Rozendaal

Melanie and Rick Scupham

Mark Siebert

Ann Sokolowski

Marjorie Spevak

Marilyn Staples

Martha and Steve Stephenson

Philip Thomas

Sherry Thorn

Cecilia Tomlonovic

Molly and Robert Veenstra

Sarah and Zac Voss

Dee Willemsen

Marcia Wolff

Amy Worthen Amber and Jason Zylstra


Sally and Dennis Bates

Margaret Brennan

Jacqueline Crawford-Friedricks & William Friedricks

Katherine and Herb Eckhouse

Fisher-Freed Fund

Hope Hensley

The Kelinson Charitable Fund

Pamela and Michael Kulik

Laura Lockard

Noth Family Charitable Fund

Jo Oldson and Brice Oakley

Judy and John Perkins

Nelda Sampel

Claudia and Paul Schickler

Vicki Sehgal and Ryan Clutter

James Spevak

Susan and Frank Stork

Deb Tharnish and Nick Roby

Lisa Veach

Diane and Michael Versackas

Martha Willits

Barbara and Jon Yankey

Judy Blank

Marlene and Robert Buckley

Arlene and Fred DeVries

Duvick-Hendrick Charitable Fund

Jann Freed and John Fisher

Dixie and Will Hoekman

Homesteaders Life Company

Judith Jaastad

Edward Loeb


Joanne and Robert Mahaffey

Cyril and John Mandelbaum

Carol Moser

Martha Reno

Dawn Taylor

American Library Association

Shelley and Martin Brody

Cole-Belin Education Foundation

Cultivating Compassion: The Dr. Richard Deming Foundation

Kelly and Bradley Edmister

Ralph & Sylvia G. Green Charitable Foundation

Katherine and Andrew Hauser

Timothy Hickman and Frank Vaia

Wes Hunsberger

Mary K. and Daniel M. Kelly Family Foundation

Susan Low

Meredith Corporation Foundation

Diane and Roger Munns

Elizabeth Nelson

Cynthia O’Brien and Michael Fitzpatrick

O’Halloran Family Foundation Fund

Anastasia Polydoran

Rose Mary and Robert Pratt

Principal Foundation

Mary Riche

Jean and William Stauffer Charitable Gift Fund

Rachel Stauffer and Jim Lawson

Mary Stuart and David Yepsen

Sally Titus

Leann Treloar and Scott Galenbeck

Mary and Tom Urban

Deb and Doug West

Nancy C. Hewitt Estate

Karen Shaff and Steve Jayne

The Windsor Charitable Foundation

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“Of all the things I’ve missed during the pandemic, the Des Moines Public Library is the one I’ve missed the most.”