Five Simple Steps

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Parents Are the Best Teachers to Get Their Children Ready to Read

  • You are your child’s first and most important teacher.
  • You know your child best.
  • Children are most ready to learn when they are in a good mood. You know your child’s moods best.
  • Children learn best by doing things, so take every chance you can to read with your children. Tell stories, talk about them, say nursery rhymes, and sing songs.

There are 5 simple things you can do with your child to help them succeed. Take a few minutes out of each day to Read, Write, Sing, Play, and Talk with your child. These easy acts make a big difference in a child’s life.

Pasos Sencillos: Esto es fácil de hacer, cada día, donde quiera que esté. No toma mucho tiempo. Son pasos simples para el éxito.

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To see these five literacy steps in action, please attend one of our many storytimes.